One of the most critical stages of the buying and selling process is the home inspection. 

Unless it's a glaring flaw or you're a trained professional, it can be hard to tell if your home needs repairs. 

It's good to know what to look for before any inspection. If you're buying a home, knowing what to look for will give you a better idea of what the inspector is looking for and if they miss anything. If you're selling, you can have an idea of what to fix before your home goes on the market. 

It will take away the chance of surprises. 

Here are a few things to look for: 

Are there visible cracks?

Are your appliances all working well?

Do you hear any unusual noises? 

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Below is a video with Ken Deis, one of our preferred home inspectors.  Visit Ken's web site at 

I’ve been through many, many home inspections in the area. I can help you understand this checklist and how to negotiate after the home inspection. Give me a call for all of your real estate needs.